Favourite Celebrity Meme: 4/4 Photoshoots

Crystal Reed for Unleash’d

  • harry: feel my shirt. what's that feel like
  • louis: *sigh* boyfrie-
  • harry: *high-fives self*
  • harry: *runs lap*


hi guys! there are literally, like, 2 edit “challenges” on the internet for this fandom and they’re pretty similar, so i decided to make a new one. obviously there’s some overlap, but hey, i tried. basically, you can ignore this if you want, but i’m going to be starting mine pretty soon. if you decide to join me, please tag 1dec or me, hitopslou, because i want to see all your edits! i think this is pretty self-explanatory and you’re welcome to tweak it to your needs, but i’m here if you have any questions. the only thing i ask is that you make ALL YOUR OWN edits/manips/gifs. don’t repost/reuse anyone else’s! these challenges are a good way for new bloggers/edit makers to get their name out there in the fandom, so it’s great if you want to participate!! but!! stealing other people’s hard work is super uncool, so don’t do that.